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grass shrimp

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Natural Crystal Colored Sand Fish Aquarium Gravel For Fish Tank Bottom Decoration Quick Detail: Name Aquarium stones, fish tank Pebbles, decoration stones Application Fish tank ...   2014-10-30
Zaodqi Import and Export Co., Limited Verified Supplier  Supplier capability assessment
IMPO P.Monodon Feed , Black Tiger Shrimp Feed , Grass Shrimp Feed IMP01 IMP02 IMP03 IMP04 IMP05 Enriched omega-3 (n-3) long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid. Special formula for ...   2014-04-22
Hai-Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd
1ï¼ÂŽThe shrimp is also known as grass shrimp or black shell shrimp, which grows in wild swampland. To ensure fresh flavor, we collect the best quality live river shrimps and ...   2010-12-04
Beijin New Rainbow Feed Industries Co.,Ltd
Key Specifications/Special Features: Also known as grass shrimp or black shell shrimp To ensure fresh flavor, we collect the best quality live river shrimps and deepfreeze and dry ...   2013-05-09
Beijing New Rainbow Feed Industries Co. Ltd
PRODUCT INFORMATION Category: Seafood Indonesian name: Udang English name: Shrimp/Prawn Latin name: Penaeus/Metapenaeus ... HS Chapter 03: Fish, Crustaceans & Aquatic Invertebrates...   2010-12-07
Glorious Arika Family, PT
Instructions: The montmorillonite can't be dissolved by water and changed the PH of water. Because of strong adsorption, it is a good feed additive for fish and shrimp in feed ...   2012-08-01
Zhejiang Sanding Technology Co., Ltd.
Instructions: The montmorillonite can't be disssolved in water and changed the pH of water. Because of its strong adsorption, it is a good additive for feeding Crystal red shrimp ...   2011-10-23
Zhejiang Sanding Technology Co., Ltd.
Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill feed pellet press: We are manufacturing shrimp feed pellet mill, CE machine, feed machinery, compound fertilizer machinery, grass processing machinery, bio...   2011-10-21
Butsuebi, Taebi, little shrimp Lives in freshwater areas like lake, pool, river, or the estuary where the freshwater meet the seawater. Its length is about 2 ¡«3 c m. In tropical ...   2008-06-10
RuiQing Bait Co., Ltd
Excellent Quality Ring Die Livestock Feed Pellet Mill 1.Introduction of FDSPLivestock Feed Pellet Mill 1).High efficiency Gear directly-connecting driving is adopted for high ...   2015-04-01
Jiangsu Liangyou International Mechanical Engineering Co.,ltd.
Common Name: Glyphosate Action:Herbicide CAS number: 1071-83-6 Physical and Chemical Characteristics: M.f. : C3H8 NO5P Mode of action:Non-selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by ...   2011-02-23
Zhengzhou Asia Pacific Chemicals Co., Ltd
Common name: Glyphosate IUPAC name: N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine Chemical Abstracts name:N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine CAS RN:[1071-83-6] PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Mol. wt.: 169.1 Form...   2011-04-07
Shanghai Jiahua Crop Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Click to enlarge This Flounder is from the Pacific. Minimum Tank Size: 60 gallons Diet:Carnivore. Provide meaty foods such as fresh chopped seafood, live grass shrimp, good ...   2014-04-22
Saltwater Fish Shop
Characteristics and effectiveness: 1. Broad-spectrum anti-bacterial and bacteriostasis, bactericidal effect: You can effectively control E. coli, Salmonella and other harmful fungi ...   2012-08-05
Anhui Ruisen Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hua Xing Brand Aquatic Bactericide This product has high efficient, fast sterilization ability, especially to bacteria, virus, mycosis and its gemma of a fungus including coliform, ...   2011-04-01
Bejing Startech Science & Technologv Co.,Ltd
The Tea seed meal with straw is the residue of tea seeds (also named camellia seeds) after camellia oil extraction. Tea seed meal with straw is a natural pesticide, which is widely ...   2015-02-03
Xian Shan Yuan Agriculture & Technology Co., Ltd.
Coated Ascorbic Acid (90%、93%、95%、97%) CAS NO. Structural formula: Molecular formula: This products is of high stability and permanent effect by applying microcapsule coating ...   2011-01-20
Yixing Jiangshan Bio-tech Co., Ltd.
Feedstuff and Manure--> Fish meal Characteristics: Fish meal is the greatest fodder in quantity in fodder trade, it can be directly used as fodder additive. It contain lots of ...   2012-04-09
Qingdao Da An Industry Co., Ltd

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